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Our Flatiron campus is open for Early Years and Year 1 (for children aged 2 to 6 years old).

The video below introduces this campus and the education provided there.

Here at Shrewsbury International School Phnom Penh, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional early education, with your child at the very centre of the learning. We tailor all teaching to the needs and interests of each individual, enabling your child to truly flourish within a carefully created and inspiring learning environment.

Our Early Years setting at Shrewsbury International School Phnom Penh provides the essential first steps to enable your child to thrive throughout their life. The learning environment, combined with the work of our expert, caring staff, will foster your child’s confidence and bolster their well-being from the outset of their learning journey.

The children in our setting are enabled to explore, enquire, problem-solve, create and innovate as they learn through play. Our inspired, independent young learners are facilitated to use their natural curiosity to make excellent progress across the Early Years curriculum.

As the Early Years children at Shrewsbury International School Phnom Penh learn and grow, relish challenges, demonstrate resilience and celebrate success, they do so within a setting in which they respect and care for one another and the world around them. With all their learning combined, the children of Shrewsbury International School broaden their horizons with a global perspective, based on strong, shared values, alongside an authentic sense of their own uniqueness and worth.

Early Years Ethos & Approach

In our Early Years, we begin with the concept that every child is unique, and that every child should take centre stage in their own learning journey.

Your child is therefore at the very heart of all we do here. Young children have both agency, and an innate curiosity about learning, but will interact with peers, adults and the world around them in different ways. We fully recognise that your child will develop uniquely. It is vital, then, that each unique child has opportunities to interact in positive relationships, within an enabling environment that encourages their engagement and involvement, recognises their individual strengths and interests, and fosters their well-being. The work we do in our Early Years will enable your child to truly flourish and will set them on the path to becoming a successful, lifelong learner.

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