Our parents share experiences of their child’s growth and development since joining Shrewsbury International School Phnom Penh. Parents highlight the Salopian virtues of kindness and caring evident at our school. They also recognise that our school offers an educational experience which is stimulating and encourages children to grow in confidence and independence.

“My name is Chhorvy and I’m Cambodian; I have two sons, a six year old and another who is almost three years old.

Alex from Pre-Nursery class and his mum.

I have known Shrewsbury International School of Phnom Penh since May 2022 and chose it because Shrewsbury is one of the premium international schools from the UK. Also, the School’s scholarship programme offers young talented and gifted children and my son was supported in this way.

I’ve noticed many positive changes in my boy after time in the Early Years programme. Alex is becoming brave in communicating with friends and teachers or elders, more at ease exploring and doing things by himself and improving his English language speaking. He is cheerful with music and arts and class activities among different-age friends. Moreover, with the school’s swimming course, he became more confident in the water. Additionally, with the School’s trip opportunities like visiting the Dinosaur Park and Amarak Farm, Alex not only learns inside school but also explores outdoor activities to see different things of interest such as dinosaurs, farmers, farm animals and vegetables being planted.

I also appreciate all leaders, teachers and staff at Shrewsbury school for not only providing a good education and services but also responding to parents and all children in a positive behaviour, especially well care of little kids. The school shows a sense of one family/community together.

I spent time with my child for school events like the Christmas sing-a-long, New Year celebration and the impressive World Book day event. My kid and I were joyful and to learn about different cultures and traditions, develop a sense of collaboration, boost kids’ confidence as well as building a great relationship among kids, parents and teachers.”

“My name Sokpheakreak and I am Cambodian; my son is Sophea and he is 5 years old.

Sophea with his family

Shrewsbury International School Phnom Penh is a top school in the UK with a strong international reputation and high education standards and a good curriculum. This makes it easy for students to ‘catch up’ as they have many professional and native teachers. How lucky that my son got a scholarship from Shrewsbury International School Phnom Penh. This is so amazing that our kid can have a chance to enjoy this high standard of school, here in Cambodia.

During study at Shrewsbury, I noticed that my son has developed in basic skills (like blending words, speaking and listening) and more confidence in communications skills. Especially pleasing is that he can build a good relationship with other children from different nations and have fun together. Even in physical education (swimming and PE) we also noticed that our kid is more and more healthy and reflective. He is confident to go swimming for long stretches by himself. The school always provides opportunities for kids to learn more about the world and environment from within the classroom and beyond the classroom.

Last, but not least, I like the way the school keeps us parents updated on the progress of the child in weekly reports to parents.”

“My name is Midori Nakao and I am from Japan. My son is 5 years old. I have been living in Phnom Penh about 10 years.

I choose Shrewsbury because of the convenient location and the scholarship opportunity offered to my son to have a good, international standard of education from Early Years to develop his talent.

My boy has benefited from the Shrewsbury approach a lot. Students are not just following the teacher, rather the teacher supports them to develop their skills or interests. It makes kids’ critical thinking grow a lot.

For example, the School provides visits to outside destinations every month. After they visited a hospital and saw a doctor, the next day, kids made their own clinic in the classroom. They observed very carefully and reproduced what they had seen and learnt with their own ways!

My son likes to cut everything at home, even curtains! One day, he started to cut origami to make small art at home. And he brought this to school to show the teacher and his friend. Then, at school they made big decorations with his art, hanging from the ceiling. His success was to make a big project with his friends from his small project himself and he was so proud of his project.”

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